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Hubba Bubba Co Rattle Ring - Light Grey Speckle

The perfect accessory for your baby to wave around and keep entertained. These soft rattles create just the right amount of sound to keep your little one entertained and you sane. Made from raw beechwood and silicone beads, these rattles provide relief for your little ones gums and allow opportunity for sensory development.

All silicone jewellery is handmade with BPA free, food grade, non-toxic silicone and raw beechwood rings and beads.


Children must be supervised by an adult at all times when using these products.

Do not put on your child in their cot, car seat, bassinet, play area, pram or while sleeping. Always attach dummy clips away from the babies mouth/neck, to a secure piece of clothing. (Chest/shoulder position is best)

Signs of cosmetic wear and tear can start within weeks of use. If the products becomes damaged due to excessive use, please discard. Always inspect the item before use, ensuring that it is undamaged and in good condition.

*Colour Tones and Bead Order May Vary as these Rattles are all Handmade

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