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Tip Toey Joey Dolly Baby Ballet Flats

The kneaded texture of patent leather from Tip Toey Joey shows how soft this little shoe is. The classic design matches with everthing and your little doll will be very comfortable to walking around and also to partying.  
• Made of extra soft leather for natural movement and also healthy development of the little foot which is still in formation process.
• With cute edge and leather lining, it absorbs perspiration and keeps the feet dry. Fresh in summer, warm in winter.
• The insole is made of natural rubber and lined leather. It is biodegradable, antibacterial and with memory effect that returns to the original form after use it.
• The Flex&grip ™ sole is flexible and non-slip. Protect while still giving that "barefoot feeling", to improve the balance and confidence in the first steps.
• With velcro closure which adjusts to all types of little feet
Colour: Sterling Silver Material: Leather
SKU: B.DOL1-2552